New calligraphic work

Free form Roman capital alphabet drawn with brush in gouache

Free form Roman capital alphabet drawn with brush in gouache

The piece above was done as a challenge to myself, I lightly sketched in the design, then painted the letters free hand directly with a fine sable brush. No drawing, measuring, or rulers.

This is one of my *3 WordPress sites, I use it mostly as an online portfolio, but thought I’d give it a bit of attention. I’ve just updated the Calligraphy and Letterwork page (under the heading, ‘Galleries’) with recent work and several freestyle calligraphic works not previously included.

I don’t do much calligraphy these days, but when an interesting commission comes my way, it is inspiring to use the decades of craft knowledge built up over my long career. In my early sixties, my hand is blessedly still steady and my eyes good, so I feel probably at the top of my game at this point.

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A new start

Welcome to my new place on the web. This is a portfolio site including work from a long career in the visual arts. Here you’ll find my most recent oil paintings, oil pastel work, calligraphy and period instrument decoration. I’ve included information about my book as well, which draws on 15 years experience working as a socially engaged artist in healthcare.

For updates on current projects, crafts, musings about the arts and their role in society, read my blog at

I’ve recently added a new blog inspired by conversations with several other artists, philosophers,and writers, who are also questioning their current role in times of change. That one is

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